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codeMode: Focus Protectors

Parents, have you noticed your techie teenager is standing in front of the refrigerator like a zombie? Have you found yourself there? It may be a case of Code Mode.

Don’t try to talk to the codeModer… you may think that they can listen because they are performing an action, but they may be running on autopilot while their brain is still working through a complex task. A disturbance can crumble a thought chain and lead to frustration.

Instead, give the codeModer in your life a useful tool to keep their thoughts straight, by keeping interruptions to a minimum. This lets you know when to give them the space they need to create.

Here are some other cases where you may want to protect your focus…

Perhaps your kids keep popping in while you are live streaming or in a conference call.

You might not want to be disturbed while writing or bookkeeping. You may just need privacy or quiet.

Let your kids know with the “Time Out!” lamp, that it is time to be quiet, calm down and breathe…

or, they can tell you when they are overwhelmed and need space.

Set out a visual indicator that you are busy and need time to yourself.
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